LEV studio was founded in Geneva in 2007 as an independent transmedia design studio and film production company.

The studio offers consulting services in avant-garde media, for cinema, performing arts, design and architecture. We can take care of every stage in the lifecycle of a project since the initial idea until the post-mortem : research, conceptualisation, design, technology development, content development, production, installation, operation and maintenance, as well as administration, project management, training, documentation and archival.

Please download :
– the slides presenting our services
– the long list of our services

In terms of delivery channels, our media expertise covers old-fashioned radio & television receivers, up to new kinds of mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, including the broadband internet, but also site-specific architectural installations as well as ephemeral events such as live shows.

«Les Films Invisibles» is the film production label of LEV studio, dedicated to experimental, auteur and arthouse productions.