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We made online video tutorials for this Swiss vaccine monitoring software which is very popular among paediatricians. Voice actress : Stefanie Günther-Pizarro


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We filmed an event organized by the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations. Equipment : Visuals Postproduction : Rachel Vulliens

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Agence Troiscube

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We did a feasibility study for the Paris-based ad agency Agence Troiscube, for a small video player in the shape of a cube that could be used for marketing purposes, and that we could build in small quantities as an OEM. Agency Priam Givord

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Analix Forever

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Cet institut de beauté nous a demandé de réaliser des visuels pour leurs services de rajeunissement et de dé-tatouage. We were asked by this beauty institute to create visuals, for a presentation of their services. For this project, we used a morphing software such as the one used in Michael Jackson’s famous music video «Black or White». Agency Independent (no …

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We created a series of emotional sounds for the first Swiss table-top robot, mydeskfriend, based on the Khepera family of robots.